This piercing rhymes with faith and is sometimes referred to as doth. It is the perforation that passé through the crus of the helix, which is the innermost cartage fold in the ear. This piercing should be performed by an expert because it is quite tricky, especially considering the location of the piercing.


for over 5000 years Our ancestors have been practicing healing through Daith acupuncture for many reasons, one being the healing properties associated with migraines.

Acupuncture first became a practice in the stone ages and for many is still a large part of the world of healing and medicine. Dr. Paul Nogier also referred to as the father of modern Auriculotherapy, first introduced this around the 50’s. His research was limited by the lack of modern measurement devices, but he was able to conclude that ears have various stimulation points that can be manipulated to affect other parts of the body. This conclusion emphasises the basic principles of acupuncture and auriculotherapy, which uses piercing as a means of stimulating the reflex points of the body.

Dr. Paul Nogier was sure that modern modes of measurement could determine how accurately stimulation at a certain point of the ear can generate reflex in other connected parts. Despite modern medicine not backing up most claims associated with these therapies, it certainly cannot dismiss the notion that these techniques may work, even if it is a placebo effect.

Ear piercings are believed to affect the energy flow in the body. Piercing a certain part of the ear can actually improve the painful conditions other body parts are suffering from. A big one being migraines, the Daith piercing seems to limit & in some cases even stop migraines, so not only are the piercings aesthetically pleasing but also a good natural alternative to modern medicines.